Saturday, 3 September 2016

Still trying to figure it all out...

  This summer, while on a camping trip, I had the privilege of observing my niece getting into the "drawing zone."  I had brought my paints and sketchbook along, and while doing a little painting on the beach she asked if she could do some after I was done.  Of course, I happily obliged and she sat down, set herself up, and probably for a good hour (at least), maintained an amazing focus.  Drowning out the world around her.  She didn't stop until she was finished.  It was inspiring.  She did that for about three different drawings.

For myself lately, I've been experimenting with different drawing styles and techniques.  Still trying to figure out what I really want to say.  I know I often over-think everything, and sometimes getting too caught up in every line being perfect (it will never be), or wanting to start over if I'm not happy.  This is all stuff I have to work on.

I'd like to use my little niece as inspiration for the next time I draw.  Live in the moment.  Don't worry.  Just have fun.

My niece working on one of her paintings.

I redid this page twice and still wasn't happy.  Concerning myself with every line being perfect sucked the joy
and soul out of it.  

After feeling discouraged, I decided to try a more freestyle comic.  Not concerning myself with
perfection.  It was fun, and a good exercise.  Ink on watercolour paper.

This illustration was a fun combination of the cartoon style I've been enjoying,
along with some of the more light watercolour for the background.  Ink on watercolour paper.

I tried to pull inspiration from own cartoons as a kid and just have fun with
the colouring and details.  Pencil crayon, ink pens.

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