Tuesday, 7 June 2016

19th Century Daguerreotypes!

It's so much fun doing research for my comic; which takes place in the mid-19th century.  I happened to come across a really cool collection of Daguerreotypes from the Library of Congress website and thought I'd share a few of my favourite ones.  I've attached a link to the site (at the bottom of this paragraph), if anyone would like to use it as a research tool.  There's over 700 images available in this collection.  Have fun!
19th Century Daguerreotypes

Young Woman smiling, 1844

Young man, 1840

Young Woman, about 20 years old, 1844

Woman in profile, 1844

Man, 1844 

William Cranch, 1844

Man in profile, 1844

Man with glasses, 1844

Woman with book, 1846

Man, 1844

Asher Brown Durand, 1845

Man with his cat, 1840

Young man, 1844

Sheperd Knapp, 1844

Man, 1844

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